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120 ECTS
Russian language
$4200 per year
120 ECTS
Russian language
4200 per year
Master's Program
Artificial intelligence software engineering The program is reflecting the development trend of modern science/technology and is from educational area that is in demand in the world community for training professional programmers, who are competent in the field of information technology (or computing) and software engineering for the needs of the digital economy. The program has denominated practical orientation: the classes are taught by practical specialists in the field of software development and cyber technologies. Graduates are ready for successful innovation and technical creativity in research, analytical and design activities.
Gagarina Larisa Gennadievna
Doctor of Science Engineering, Professor
Rychagov Mikhail Nikolaevich
Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor
Lisov Oleg Ivanovich
Doctor of Science Engineering, Professor
Yanakova Elena Sergeevna
Doctor of Science Engineering
Andrianov Andrey Mikhailovich
Candidate of Science Engineering, Associate Professor
Fedorov Alexey Roaldovich
Candidate of Science Engineering
Dorogov Victor Georgievich
Candidate of Science Engineering, Associate Professor
Kononova Alexandra Igorevna
Candidate of Science Engineering, Associate Professor
Korneev Viktor Ivanovich
Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor
Fedotova Elena Leonidovna
Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Associate Professor
Student reviews
Ilya Malakhov

In MIET I am exploring software development approaches. My favorite subject is methodology of software engineering. This subject gives me a possibility to create my own project. Development process of this project was in line with current development requirements and methodics like solid.

I like my chair because there are many competent teachers, they can always answer your questions, and I get relevant knowledge for my work. I'm a programmer, I'm involved in developing of a data processing system with IOT devices. And master's degree gives me all possibilities for self-realization in that direction.

Maria Velichko

I'm studying at the Institute of system and software engineering and information technology. Now I'm getting master's degree. I study different theoretical subjects that can help me in my scientific work. I like pedagogical practice most of all. It is interesting to explain something to students of younger courses; while explaining the topic I dive into it and learn about the topic much more. I like programming, it is cool process. Now I'm learning something new and improve my skills as a master. I combine the study and work. It is hard sometimes. Now I work as a mobile developer for Android systems. Notice of Project Management helps me in my work.

Expert opinions and Success stories
Alexey Yushmanov
Director of Compnet LLC
Elena Yanakova
Advisor of the General Director of Research and Development Center “ELVEES” JSC
Nikolai Mironov
2019 graduate, head of the design approach division
Evgenii Kremer
2016 graduate, Assistant Professor
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